Concept / Story Development     75/hr

Script / Shotlist Development     75/hr

Production Prep                          750/day

Scout / Travel Day                      750/day     450/half day 




CMO Visual charges a 35% creative fee. This is what we charge for our creative vision and experience in executing complex high quality motion picture productions. This fee is not applied to our post-production charges. The creative fee is discounted for larger projects with production budgets over $50,000. 



The cost of equipment rental will vary from project to project. Equipment rented from outside vendors may require us to purchase an additional term insurance policy for the dates of the production. These policies can range from $1,000 to $6,000 depending on the equipment's value and rental house's insurance requirements. Equipment rented from outside vendors also requires additional prep-time and usually requires a minimum 2-3 day rental period to account for pickup and return dates for most single day shoots. At CMO Visual, we can provide better equipment rates than any other rental house in Florida. Our prices also consistently beat all the big national online rental companies. You can view our gear list at


CREW  (based on 10 hour day)

Director                      1500-6000+

1st AD                         550-750

2nd AD                       400-600

Script Supervisor         500-600

Producer                     600-1000

Cinematographer          1500-3000+

Steadicam Operator    1500-3000+

Crane Operator           1500-3000+

Digital Image Tech        500-1000 (plus rental)

Cam Op                      600-800

1st AC                         500-650

2nd AC                       450-550

Camera PA                  400-500

Gaffer                         500-750

Best Boy Electric         400-600

Electrician                   400-550

Key Grip                      500-750

Best Boy Grip              400-600

Grip                            400-550

Production Assistant   200

Production Designer    750-1500+

BTS Photo/Video          750-1000

Wardrobe Stylist         500-1000+

Makeup Artist             500-700+ (plus kit fee)

Sound Recorder          500-700+ (plus kit fee)

Food Stylist                750-1500+

Food Stylist Assist      200-500

Boom Op                    300-400 



Many key roles will involve prep and or scout days on more complex projects. The amount of prep will vary from project to project. 



Rates are based on a 10 hour day (this includes a 30min meal break). First 2 hours of overtime are 1.5x the hourly rate. Time after 12 hours is 2x the hourly rate. 



Once a project and crew members have been booked, cancelation fees will apply if a production is canceled or moved for any reason. Any hard costs incurred and time already spent will billed upon cancelation of a project. 



Meal breaks must be provided every 6 hours of production. Depending on the type of shoot, a catering service may be hired, or food may be delivered to set. 



Expendables         Variable

Lighting Gel Roll  130-220 each  

Other/Misc           Variable

Paper Backdrops   50-220 each

 Hard Drives          230-350+

 *All data must be double backed up. A minimum 3 drives will be purchased. Capacity and quantity of drives needed will depend on the needs of each project.



Editing                                100/hr

2D Animation / Graphics     150/hr

Compositing                        150/hr

Color Grading                      150/hr

Sound Design                       125/hr

Photo Retouching                 100/hr

Render/Export Time             50/hr

Sound Recording/Foley        150/hr

Stock Media Research          75/hr

Voice Over                           Variable

Music Licensing                    Variable

Stock Images/Footage          Variable

*Additional revisions beyond the original quote will be billed at the above hourly rates.

*Rush fees will apply for projects with tight turn arounds and weekend delivery. 

*Rushed projects requiring multiple editors will require more editing hours than standard project turnarounds that can be completed by a single editor.



For a project to be considered booked, the greater of 50% or all hard costs must be paid 7 days prior to the start of a production. A $15 fee will apply to any wire-transfer payments.